Table of Friends is an innovative approach to relationally-based ministry, founded upon a Trinitarian paradigm of personhood which honors "being" before "doing," and relationships before position.  In practice we express this as an apostolic ministry of leadership development through discipling disciple-makers.  We are intentional about discipling those who will disciple others.  This is done through three primary vehicles: Table of Friends Church, Triad personal discipleship, and teaching partnerships via university and pastoral consultation formats.  Words that describe our philosophy of ministry include Spirit-filled, Spirit-formed, Trinitarian, relational, incarnational, paracletic, supernatural leadership, and five-fold equipping ministry; with an aim to build a bridge between Church practice and biblical theology.


We have a passion to see the life of Jesus lived out in a relational (more than hierarchical) model that reflects the relationship between Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  In this model the equipping gifts (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) function as paracletes (come-alongside helpers), giving of themselves to strengthen and empower the Church (both individually and corporately) to be Spirit-formed and fully engaged in Kingdom mission.

table of friends  Church.

Is a Spirit-formed Community.  Almost 40 years of pastoral ministry have taught us that the local church thrives best when nurtured in the encouragement and coaching of all the ministry gifts of Christ (Eph. 4:11-12), and that every believer grows best when engaged in the relationships and ministry of the church-in-community.  Table of Friends, as a local church, seeks to be that relational community, drawn together, nurtured to maturity by the Spirit.

Triad Discipleship.

The engine of transformation is Spirit-formed personal relationships. We are intentional about discipling in “Triads” – one on two, using materials we have specifically designed to anchor every believer in the sonship of Abba.  In addition, Table of Friends’ teaching materials are designed to equip believers for the work of the ministry, so that each person can find fulfillment in our participation in the Father’s business and Jesus’ worship of the Father (Heb. 2:12).  Our discipleship priority is given to the members of the church, though we also disciple/coach leaders of other ministries.

Teaching Partnerships

Having trained leaders in over 20 nations and taught in missions, seminaries and universities, Table of Friends partners with a variety of ministries to impart a relationally-based trinitarian approach to supernatural leadership.  For a bio of ministry go to or



Led by Drs Kerry and Chiqui Wood, our weekly gathering is at:  493 W. Harwood Rd. Hurst, TX 76054  | 10:00 am


10 a.m.  Adventures in Prayer  | 11 a.m.  Worship and Ministry |  12:30     Family Lunch and Life




Knowing yourself through The Father's eyes

The Abba Factor invites readers to understand the orphan spirit on a global scale, then see the contrast between the progression of the orphan spirit and sonship – and how God uproots orphan thinking and builds a sonship mentality into His own. Sonship is not a place to get to – but a way to be; seeing yourself through the Father’s eyes radically sets one free from the orphan lies and temporary substitutes for joy.

Knowing the Father through the Eyes of Jesus


The Abba Foundation provides a framework for knowing the Father, the Abba of Jesus, as Jesus reveals Him to be. The goal of this book is to draw her readers closer to the heart of the Father, that we would have a revelation of His love that would allow us to lean into the mystery of the unknown – the unanswered questions – with the assurance that Abba is good; that Abba loves us, and that Abba can be trusted.

The Spirit's role in your personal transformation

The Abba Formation addresses how lasting transformation happens. Readers discover the inside-out process of the indwelling Spirit who searches out the Father’s will and purpose for us, then discloses it into our spirit. In this book you can discover how to get full and stay full of the overflowing fullness of God Himself.



statement of faith

We believe in One God

Creator of heaven and earth, and all things visible and invisible. We believe God is a Triune being - one substance, three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - eternally coexistent in a loving relationship of mutual submission one to another, interdependence and fruitfulness. In His love and unity there is no isolation; in His interdependence there is no absorption because each Person of the Trinity has otherness too; and in His fruitfulness there is no bareness due to lack of self-esteem or self-worth.

We believe in one Lord, Jesus Christ

The only-begotten Son of God, proceeded of the Father before all ages, God of God, Light of Light, true God of true God; begotten, not made, of one substance with the Father, by whom all things were made, who for us and for our salvation came down from heaven. And He became flesh by the Holy Spirit of the Virgin Mary and was made man. He is God of the substance of the Father, begotten before the worlds, and He is man, of the substance of his mother, born in the world; perfect God; perfect man, of reasoning soul and human flesh consisting; equal to the Father as touching His Godhead; less than the Father as touching His manhood, who, although He be God and man, yet He is not two, but is one Christ.

We believe

Jesus Christ suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, dead and buried, fulfilling all the messianic prophecies of the Old Testament. He descended into hell; the third day he rose from the dead; he ascended into heaven; and sits at the right hand of God the Father Almighty; He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead. And of His kingdom there will be no end.

We believe in the Holy Spirit

The Lord and Giver of life, who together with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified, who spoke through the prophets, and who dwells in every believer who confesses Jesus as Lord and Savior. We believe the Holy Spirit is a Person, not a thing or a power. The Holy Spirit relates to man in many different ways: He strives with man, instructs, regenerates, sanctifies, and comforts. He speaks, testifies, orders, reveals, creates, hovers, teaches, convicts, speaks, searches and reveals. Jesus baptizes believers with the Holy Spirit, who endues them with power to carry out God's mission, and with an intimate, spiritual prayer language unique to each believer. We believe the Holy Spirit manifests Himself in supernatural ways through the Church, for the edification of the same and as a witness to unbelievers.

We believe

God created man in His image and likeness and gave him dominion over the earth and everything that is in it. We believe God, in His sovereignty, has chosen to partner with man by giving him free will and authority. With this God-given authority, man freely chose to rebel against God, and in his fallen state will have to face the judgment of God. We believe the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross paid for the sins of humanity, and all who freely accept His gift, by faith, receive salvation - wholeness in spirit, soul and body, full partnership in the power and mission of the Kingdom of God, and will partake of the resurrection of the saints.

We believe

In one Church, the Body of Christ, made up of all who freely confess Jesus as Lord and Savior. We believe the Church is called to be a royal priesthood, living in victory over the powers of darkness by effectively manifesting God's power through the Holy Spirit and with Jesus' authority. This is primarily carried out through prayer, praise, worship, a fearless confrontation of demonic forces, and an expectation of the miraculous. The church's mission involves living as citizens, ambassadors (offering peace and reconciliation), and militia (in prayerful conflict against the forces of darkness).

We believe

God has revealed Himself to mankind generally through creation, and specifically through His Word. We believe in the plenary verbal inspiration of the Bible, inerrant in the original manuscripts and infallible in its truth for faith and life. We believe the whole canon of Scripture - Old and New Testaments - is inspired by the Holy Spirit and written through human agents under His prompting. We believe the Bible is the final authority in questions of doctrine, theology and life.


Table of Friends is a 501 C-3 tax exempt corporation.


"It is in the process of being worshiped that God communicates His presence to men."

C.S. Lewis



Kerry is a son of Abba, with a passion for New Testament Christianity lived in the power of the Spirit.  He is an intercessor, pastor, teacher, university professor, church planter, consultant, discipler, conference speaker, and author. His 40 years of ministry have been focused on intercession, teaching, pastoring, and passion to multiply leaders.  Kerry and his wife, Chiqui (Ana), reside in North Richlands Hills, Texas, where they disciple leadership couples, teach at The King’s University and Shiloh University, consult pastors, lead Table of Friends church, and write.  In addition to the undergrad work in Christian Ministry, Kerry has earned the Master of Arts in Biblical Literature (Assemblies of God Theological Seminary), the Master of Divinity and the Doctor of Ministry (The King’s University, Los Angeles).

about chiqui

Dr. Chiqui Polo-Wood is an international author, pastor, academic dean, speaker, teacher and mentor of women. Since giving her heart to Jesus at age 15 she has served in many areas of ministry in several nations. In addition, her 20 years in the business world has instilled in her a dual passion for both marketplace ministry as well as church ministry. She is an avid believer that every person is called to mission, whether that is within the church or outside the church walls. She is passionate about discipleship, longing to see believers growing in the fullness of what God has for them.

Chiqui lives in Texas with her husband, Kerry, where they lead Table of Friends, a relationally-based and discipleship-oriented church. They love ministering together both locally and abroad.

Chiqui earned her Master of Divinity (Outstanding Scholar) and Doctor of Ministry degrees from The King’s University, Los Angeles, California.


Kerry and Chiqui Wood Ministries

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Kerry and Chiqui Wood Ministries

Kerry and Chiqui Wood Ministries
TABLE OF FRIENDS Kerry and Chiqui Wood Ministries

TABLE OF FRIENDS Kerry and Chiqui Wood Ministries

TABLE OF FRIENDS Kerry and Chiqui Wood Ministries